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The Orange Peels’ Path

The Orange Peels’ Path (Mixed media, photography, orange peels and epoxy resin) (2012)




A project carried out in cooperation with a group of young women, “Achla Banot” (wonderful girls) from the Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa. The project started with a photography course, in which we photographed the remnants of the palatial water well houses (“biaras”) in Jaffa.
During a tour of the “Water well houses” in the city, a visit was paid to one of the largest among them, in the Abou Sayf orange grove and an interview was held with the patriarch of the extended family. Two of the girls, who live in the Abu Sayf orange grove from a very young age, heard about the history and visited the well house for the first time in their lives, during the trip.
In the second phase of the project, which was carried out by myself, the well houses were printed on the inside of orange peels, which were then embalmed in hardened resin epoxy. The resin oranges were exhibited together with real oranges in a crate which at first sight looks like a regular orange crate, but the writing on it, exposes it as an ammunition crate.

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