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Rosetta, short film & photography series


Direction and Photography: Gil Mualem Doron

Acting: Maram Maram Atouleh,

The film can be viewed here:

The beach north of Old Jaffa is unauthorized and has no name. Its edge is made out of the destroyed houses of the village of Rosetta that existed until 1948. Some of the pavement stones of the houses can be found on the beach from time to time. Until 2011 a small part of a beautiful large house still existed at the edge of the beach. At the border between Rosetta and Manshiha  (another big neighbourhood that was destroyed in the war) one of the village houses was saved, renovated and turned into the museum for the force that conquered and destroyed this village. Maram, a Palestinian teenager from Jaffa  is making a de’rive in the zone, picking and darning the broken pieces.  The film is based on a series of Urban Interventions that took place during an art residency at the The Arab Democratic School – Yaffa during 2011-12, and it aims to highlight the buried history of Tel-Aviv/Jaffa.


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