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retrospective exhibition at the Architect’s House Gallery, Jaffa, Israel (2012)


Home – a roof – four walls – housing – public – private – indoors – outside – object – memory – the invention of the familiar – family – society – space

“Each society”, writes Henri Lefebvre, “creates space, its own space”, the city became the main engagement sphere of public space, the object of experimentation, observation, thought and action. Three planes entangle in the modern city: the family plane, the plane of political power and that of human relationships. The spatial practice, adds Lefebvre, creates coherence, characteristic compilations of each formation and disintegration of social configuration. This relative coherence ties each and every one of those present into a relationship with the space. Its representations reflect the order in which they have been organized and therefore express all its signs, codes and hidden conflicts. Life spaces sweep symbolism associated with the subterranean realms of community life as well as towards art. This encoded cipher is ignited – molten – transformed before the eye. Imagination, the body and the senses wander in reality and are involved in its day to day reality.  Space acts like a force, as an essential place, invigorating, binding and destructing.  A place of justice and injustice, of options and prohibitions.  Its terms are a means of learning about society, which cannot be understood from the sum of its parts but doesn’t stop chasing its consciousness and knowledge. “Because”, writes Michel de Certeau, “when one doesn’t ‘leave’ this language…all that remains is trespassing borders.”

Gil Mualem Doron presents a tractate of happening, events, wanderings, research, protest, symbols and values underneath an imagined home shelter. He defines and fractures concepts of home, housing, planning, randomness, value, evil and creation between outlines only seemingly indicating borders and fills them with a testimony of fragility and disintegration. The boundaries breaking echoes the barriers of force woven into human relationships , their atrophy as well as their mercy, the hope and the disappointment in  the existence of the community.

Ami  Steinitz, Curator


The opening included a performance piece directed by me and performed by the artist Raffat Hattab & Architect Oshrat Israeli by and intervention by the Jaffa’s youth Debbka group.

Photography: Yotam Ronen

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