Gil Mualem-Doron

Gil Mualem-Doron (Ph.D) is a socially and politically engaged artist. He works in the media of photography, installations, performance and digital art. Much of his work is participatory, working with marginalised communities in UK and abroad.

Publications List


Chapters in Books


  • Beyond The Lines- for the Urban Intervention. An Epilog for the book “Time- City” – the catalogue of the 2010 Biennale of Urban Landscape Architecture – Bat Yam.
  • Epilog – urbanaccio`n 07/09, Ana Mendez De Andes (ed) CAJA Madrid 2010
  •  “Transgression & the City”, in Border Conditions, Mark Schoonderbeek (ed) 010 Publishers, 2010, Netherland
  • “those marvellous empty zones outside the city limits”, Heterotopia and the City, Eds. M. Dehaene &L. De Cauter. –Routledge, 2008. First published in Referred Publication of the conference by the same name.
  • “Dead Zones, Outdoor Rooms and the Possibility of Transgressive Urban Space”, Loose Space: Possibility and Diversity in Urban Life, Eds.K. Franck and Q. Stevens, New York: Routledge, 2006. (includes discussion on the works of the students at my studio at Uni. Of Brighton)
  •  “Urban Interventions and the opening of radical democratic space” in Generalized Empowerment:Uneven Development & Urban Interventions, Brussels: City Min(e)d (Eds.) Brussels 


Publications about Art, Architecture and more


  •  “Transgressive Architecture”, Loud Paper , Vol. 4, Issue 3, Art & Architecture issue, (06.2004) pp. 38-43.
  • “The Void That Does Not Exist” UmBau (Institut fur Architecktureherie TU Wien) Issue 20,(06/2003)pp. 103-113. (Refereed Publication)
  • ” Untitled – A Reply to Richard Rogers” Archis (02/2002) pp. 41-45
  • “The Bad Sheets”, CITY, analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action Vol 6, No.1(04/2002)pp.43-59 and front cover. (Referred Publication)
  •  “A Global Derive”, The New Babylonians, special issue of Architectural Design (AD), Vol.71No.3,(07/2001) pp. 53-57
  • “Leaps and Boundaries”, Building Design , (27/04/2001) p. 12
  • “The 4th Dimension – Stalker Profile”, Blue Print, (12/2000) pp.56-59
  • “Rethinking the Squat”, Archis (12/2000) pp. 68-71 and front cover.
  • “Ethical Architecture – a competition”, Blue Print, (11/2000), p. 3
  • “A New Urban Paradigm – Kyong Park in Detroit” Archis, (09/2000), pp. 67-71
  • “Guerrilla Gardening: Reclaim the Streets in London” Archis, (07/2000) pp. 48-50
  • “The Dead Zone & the Architecture of Transgression” Archis (04/2000) pp. 48-57




Publications  (in relation to Architecture education)



  • Studio Culture 3 – The Inclusive Studio Trigger Papers CEBE website
  • P.S. Architecture – as initiative, presentation at Setting a Setting symposium, the lecture was published in Public Works’ fanzine 03/07
  • “P.S. Architecture” in Setting a Setting, Public Works’ Fanzine, 03/2007
  • “Danger Zone – Transgression as a teaching methodology” 3rd Annual AHRA Research Student Symposium, University of Edinburgh (04/2006)
  • Transgressive Architecture research & practice, public lecture at IAAC Barcelona, EME3 Architectural Market, (10/2005)
  • “The Limits of Inclusiveness”, Lecture at TU Delft School of Architecture, Netherlands (04/05)




Quotes and references to my work in other publications




  • Keith, Michael (2005) After the cosmopolitan?: multicultural cities and the future of racism, Routledge, UK AA files: annals of the Architectural Association School of Architecture, Issues 49-50
  • Pierce, J. Reinvigoration the Concept of Land Tenure for American Urban Geography, Geography Compass, Vol. 4 , issue 12, pp.1747-1757
  • Lovell, S.T. and Johnston, D.M.  Designing Landscapes for Performance Based on Emerging Principles in Landscape Ecology, Ecology and Society 14(1) 44, 2009
  • Murray, J. Martin. (2008) Taming the Disorderly City, Cornell University Press
  • Lampen, A. (2008) Schrumpfende Städte: ein Phänomen zwischen Antike und Moderne, Bohlau Verlag, Koln
  • Jorgensen, Anne and Tylecote, Marian. (2007) Ambivalent Landscapes – Wilderness in the urban interstices, Landscape Research, Vol. 32, No. 4, August 2007,443-462
  • Saskia Sassen (2006) “Making public interventions in today’s massive cities”, in Generalized Empowerment: Uneven Development & Urban Interventions, Brussels: City Min(e)d (Eds.) Brussels
  • Dr Helen Armstrong, “Time, Dereliction and Beauty: an Argument for ‘Landscapes of Contempt”paper at the conference, The Landscape Architect, IFLA Conference Papers (May 2006)
  • Tahl Kaminer (2006) “Architectural Autonomy: from Conception to Disillusion”, Haecceity Papers,Volume 1 Issue 2: What Now Architecture? Spring 2006
  • Mortenbock / Mooshammer (2003) Visuelle Kultur, Berlin: bo`halu Publishers
  •  “Spaces of Indeterminacy” in Bridge The Gap? (7.2002) Akiko Miyake and Hans Ulrich Obrist (eds) Kitakushu: Center for Contemporary Art  and Koln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Koning Cupers K. Miessen M. (2002) Spaces of Uncertainty, Wuppertal: Verlag Muller + Busmann



Appearances in the Media 




  • Los Limites de la Inclusión, in A4 Investigaciones Uranas mayo 2005
  • “Limit of Inclusiveness” The Transborderline project, mentioned in Architects Journal (04.03.2005)
  • How is of public the public space?  In Susana Aparicio Urban chronicles
  • Transgressive Architektur, architekten24,
  • Matt Weaver, Regeneration sexy? It is now, The Guardian,  (30/03/01)
  •  “Rogers in ‘Social Cleansing’ Furor” ,Architects’ Journal, (01/03/01) p. 4
  • “Bed Linen art fights social cleansing”, Time Out, (27/06/01) p. 15
  • ” “Dirty Laundry”, Metropolis, (11/01) p. 46
  •  “Planners told to leave cities alone – Interview with Gil Doron of Transgressive Architecture”, David Cohen, The Guardian” Arts section, (8/09/01) p. 32 [,9830,533876,00.html]


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