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Chapters in Books


  • Beyond The Lines- for the Urban Intervention. An Epilog for the book “Time- City” – the catalogue of the 2010 Biennale of Urban Landscape Architecture – Bat Yam.
  • Epilog – urbanaccio`n 07/09, Ana Mendez De Andes (ed) CAJA Madrid 2010
  •  “Transgression & the City”, in Border Conditions, Mark Schoonderbeek (ed) 010 Publishers, 2010, Netherland
  • “those marvellous empty zones outside the city limits”, Heterotopia and the City, Eds. M. Dehaene &L. De Cauter. –Routledge, 2008. First published in Referred Publication of the conference by the same name.
  • “Dead Zones, Outdoor Rooms and the Possibility of Transgressive Urban Space”, Loose Space: Possibility and Diversity in Urban Life, Eds.K. Franck and Q. Stevens, New York: Routledge, 2006. (includes discussion on the works of the students at my studio at Uni. Of Brighton)
  •  “Urban Interventions and the opening of radical democratic space” in Generalized Empowerment:Uneven Development & Urban Interventions, Brussels: City Min(e)d (Eds.) Brussels 


Publications about Art, Architecture and more


  •  “Transgressive Architecture”, Loud Paper , Vol. 4, Issue 3, Art & Architecture issue, (06.2004) pp. 38-43.
  • “The Void That Does Not Exist” UmBau (Institut fur Architecktureherie TU Wien) Issue 20,(06/2003)pp. 103-113. (Refereed Publication)
  • ” Untitled – A Reply to Richard Rogers” Archis (02/2002) pp. 41-45
  • “The Bad Sheets”, CITY, analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action Vol 6, No.1(04/2002)pp.43-59 and front cover. (Referred Publication)
  •  “A Global Derive”, The New Babylonians, special issue of Architectural Design (AD), Vol.71No.3,(07/2001) pp. 53-57
  • “Leaps and Boundaries”, Building Design , (27/04/2001) p. 12
  • “The 4th Dimension – Stalker Profile”, Blue Print, (12/2000) pp.56-59
  • “Rethinking the Squat”, Archis (12/2000) pp. 68-71 and front cover.
  • “Ethical Architecture – a competition”, Blue Print, (11/2000), p. 3
  • “A New Urban Paradigm – Kyong Park in Detroit” Archis, (09/2000), pp. 67-71
  • “Guerrilla Gardening: Reclaim the Streets in London” Archis, (07/2000) pp. 48-50
  • “The Dead Zone & the Architecture of Transgression” Archis (04/2000) pp. 48-57




Publications  (in relation to Architecture education)



  • Studio Culture 3 – The Inclusive Studio Trigger Papers CEBE website
  • P.S. Architecture – as initiative, presentation at Setting a Setting symposium, the lecture was published in Public Works’ fanzine 03/07
  • “P.S. Architecture” in Setting a Setting, Public Works’ Fanzine, 03/2007
  • “Danger Zone – Transgression as a teaching methodology” 3rd Annual AHRA Research Student Symposium, University of Edinburgh (04/2006)
  • Transgressive Architecture research & practice, public lecture at IAAC Barcelona, EME3 Architectural Market, (10/2005)
  • “The Limits of Inclusiveness”, Lecture at TU Delft School of Architecture, Netherlands (04/05)




Quotes and references to my work in other publications




  • Keith, Michael (2005) After the cosmopolitan?: multicultural cities and the future of racism, Routledge, UK AA files: annals of the Architectural Association School of Architecture, Issues 49-50
  • Pierce, J. Reinvigoration the Concept of Land Tenure for American Urban Geography, Geography Compass, Vol. 4 , issue 12, pp.1747-1757
  • Lovell, S.T. and Johnston, D.M.  Designing Landscapes for Performance Based on Emerging Principles in Landscape Ecology, Ecology and Society 14(1) 44, 2009
  • Murray, J. Martin. (2008) Taming the Disorderly City, Cornell University Press
  • Lampen, A. (2008) Schrumpfende Städte: ein Phänomen zwischen Antike und Moderne, Bohlau Verlag, Koln
  • Jorgensen, Anne and Tylecote, Marian. (2007) Ambivalent Landscapes – Wilderness in the urban interstices, Landscape Research, Vol. 32, No. 4, August 2007,443-462
  • Saskia Sassen (2006) “Making public interventions in today’s massive cities”, in Generalized Empowerment: Uneven Development & Urban Interventions, Brussels: City Min(e)d (Eds.) Brussels
  • Dr Helen Armstrong, “Time, Dereliction and Beauty: an Argument for ‘Landscapes of Contempt”paper at the conference, The Landscape Architect, IFLA Conference Papers (May 2006)
  • Tahl Kaminer (2006) “Architectural Autonomy: from Conception to Disillusion”, Haecceity Papers,Volume 1 Issue 2: What Now Architecture? Spring 2006
  • Mortenbock / Mooshammer (2003) Visuelle Kultur, Berlin: bo`halu Publishers
  •  “Spaces of Indeterminacy” in Bridge The Gap? (7.2002) Akiko Miyake and Hans Ulrich Obrist (eds) Kitakushu: Center for Contemporary Art  and Koln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Koning Cupers K. Miessen M. (2002) Spaces of Uncertainty, Wuppertal: Verlag Muller + Busmann



Appearances in the Media 




  • Los Limites de la Inclusión, in A4 Investigaciones Uranas mayo 2005
  • “Limit of Inclusiveness” The Transborderline project, mentioned in Architects Journal (04.03.2005)
  • How is of public the public space?  In Susana Aparicio Urban chronicles
  • Transgressive Architektur, architekten24,
  • Matt Weaver, Regeneration sexy? It is now, The Guardian,  (30/03/01)
  •  “Rogers in ‘Social Cleansing’ Furor” ,Architects’ Journal, (01/03/01) p. 4
  • “Bed Linen art fights social cleansing”, Time Out, (27/06/01) p. 15
  • ” “Dirty Laundry”, Metropolis, (11/01) p. 46
  •  “Planners told to leave cities alone – Interview with Gil Doron of Transgressive Architecture”, David Cohen, The Guardian” Arts section, (8/09/01) p. 32 [,9830,533876,00.html]


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