Gil Mualem-Doron

Gil Mualem-Doron (Ph.D) is a socially and politically engaged artist. He works in the media of photography, installations, performance and digital art. Much of his work is participatory, working with marginalised communities in UK and abroad.

Present absentees (2019)

The work depicts the issue of “Present Absentees” or Internally displaced persons (IDP’s) in Israel. The work was created during an Artist’s Residency at Umm El Fahem Gallery, Israel. Most of the residents of this town are IDP from the village of Al-Lajoun. The work will form part of an exhibition in 2020..

Present Absentees are Palestinians who fled or were expelled from their home in Mandatory Palestine by Jewish or Israeli forces, before and during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, but who remained within the area that became the state of Israel. They are regarded as absent by the Israeli government because they were absent from their homes on a particular day, even if they did not intend to leave them for more than a few days, and even if they left involuntarily. IDPs homes, property and lands were seized by Israel. 274,000 Arab citizens of Israel (1 out of 4) is IDP.

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