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Mesubim (2017-2018)


The project Mesubinm (from Aramaic/Hebrew meaning seating around a table)  was created through a six months workshop with former refugees who are members of the Migrant English Project. The workshop included the creation of series of collages narrating visually stories of places in Brighton that reminded them places from their former countries. The digital collages were printed on porcelain plates. The project was designed to work within the english teaching conversations and communal meal at the MEP weekly meetings. 

The plates were the basis of a room installation where the plates were placed on a long table (6×0.9m) with 2 benches (4×0.6m) accompanied with soundtrack made out of conversation with the MEP members,  background noise from the club where they meet once a week and a music piece by Vocal Explosion. The installation was exhibited at ONCA Gallery Brighton and Rich Mix London in 2018. 

The project’s participants: Asima, Binnet, Farha, Iman, Lami, Lolo, Mary, Miriam, Mohamad, Sebastian, Unice, Biatrice, Farah, Genet, Halima, Hazara, Hilwa, Theresea, Zainab, 

The plates can be purchased  on the MEP shop at:



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