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Ruin Porn (2000- 2003)


Digital collages and giclée prints on paper or on wooden cutting board – limited signed edition (size varies)

Ruin Porn is a derogatory nickname for photography which aestheticizes industrial ruins and derelict sites while concealing or ignoring the socio-economic and political background that generated them. Queer porn in ruins, a sub-genre of sexual activity in public spaces, transgresses the timelessness and apolitical nature of much of the imagery of ruins in (heterosexual and middle-class) Western culture. The photographs for the collages were taken in various cities in the Americas, Asia and Europe and populated with homoerotic imagery. As the ruins acquire a thick , lush crust the characters’ skin is stripped off and the bare white paper underneath them is covered with texts on decay and abandonment.

The series printed on juxtaposed cutting boards juxtaposes domesticity with what is perceived to be its Other.

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