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Mind The Gap – Transgressive Art & Social Practices

Mind the Gap: Transgressive Art & Social Practices – The work of Gil Mualem Doron 2000-2015

The draft version can be viewed here:GMD_BookEng_2025a

The draft version in Hebrew can be view here:

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From blurb the book’s back cover:

Gil Mualem Doron (1970, London) is an artist of boundary blurring, challenging signs that purport to construct the landscape of civil meanings. His work is multidisciplinary, socially engaged, activist and political, and combines research on art, architecture and urban culture. His artistic activities integrate various media, from drawing and photography to installations and performances, but they also include such trivial acts as walking, eating, demonstrating, burning, guiding, conversing, collecting garbage and donating blood. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums, in magazines and books, in public spaces and in community and cultural institutes in Israel and Europe. Mualem Doron has been awarded artist-in-the-community scholarships, the Henri Ford Conservation Award, and grants from the Arts Council of Great Britain. Still, his works are not easy to digest. Some have been confiscated, he was threatened for some of his political works, police were called to intervene in one of his performances, and the fire brigade was summoned to another. For viewing and purchasing work please see:

The book succinctly describes three major areas of his work: activist art in public space, social and critical works exhibited in galleries, and pedagogic and participatory art practices in educational and community contexts. The book will be of interest to artists, curators, collectors and art-lovers, as well as to educators, community facilitators and activists. This printed book is published in a limited, signed edition of 100 copies in Hebrew and 125 in English.

The printed book is published in a limited, signed edition of 100 copies in Hebrew and 200 in English.An expanded version of the book will be  published in February 2015  in a digital edition downloadable at, at Ibook, and a printed version will be on sale via Blurb and Amazon. This version includes links to video clips, additional articles and links to a digital store where you can purchase some of the works described in the book.

Blurbs from the back cover of the book:

“Many artists situate their work in the realm of fantasy avoiding the hard realities of the world, particularly when they come up against political power. But we want artists to be brave tellers of truth – not just creators of seductive images or spatial contortionists. Gil Doron is one of those brave truth tellers who sees the inequities in daily life and highlights them through his art, which is neither didactic nor simple-minded. As this book makes clear, he is a fearless magician who translates ideas and ethics into art objects, social practices and spatial actions.”

William Menking is a professor architectural history at Pratt Institute and Founder/Editor of The Architect’s Newspaper.

“Mualem-Doron’s engaging and provocative body of work is elegantly catalogued here, offering the reader a deeper understanding of what it means to subvert in an oppressive situation. He is a trickster, creating community dialogue and participation, while serving up  invisible and often difficult histories to the casual passerby or gallery visitor. Thank goodness for this edgy artist, pushing against the status quo in such a compelling way”

Beverly Naidus, artist, activist, educator and author of Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame, teaches interdisciplinary art for social change at the University of Washington, Tacoma.

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