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Gini in a Bottle series, mix-media prints, 2015

Genies in Bottle, Mix Media  2015

“Gini in a Bottle – exhibit A” series of digital collages deals with social inequality, depicting the landscape of London’s Cannery Wharf  and the UK’s Gini Index* of inequality (1938-2013).

“Gini in a Bottle – exhibit B” series of small mixed-media sculptures build on a similar series that lad to a near arrest when exhibited in a street intervention in Tel-Aviv (see: Re-Distribution Station intervention). The sculptures are composed of milk bottles, recalling the cutting of milk provision in schools by Margaret Thatcher, as well as actions by the Arab-Jewish Israeli group – the Black Panthers in the 70’s.

*The index was developed in 1912 by the Italian statistician and sociologist Corrado Gini. It has become the most prevalent measurement of inequality in the past 100 years. According to the 2013 census, the UK leads the world in inequality (before taxes) and is third overall after the U.S. and Israel in the chart of developing countries (The Economist, Nov 26th, 2013, 15:26 BY S.M.*).

First exhibited at Studio 73, Brixton, London.



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