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Gaia and Hassan Draw(in) the Protest (a series)



Gaia and Hassan Draw(in) the Protest (a series)

10cm X 15cm (Print size can vary)

Ink on Card

£25 for one – £250 for a box set of 12

(40% of the amount is paid to Gaia and Hassan)

Gaia and Hassan draw the protest (drawings, photographs and digital media) (2011-2014) The series of collages “Gaia and Ghasan draw the protest” is a collaboration between the artist Gil Mualem Doron and the teenagers Gaia Hadar Leblanc and Ghasan Abu Shames, who met in the Arab Jewish “Occupy” tent camp for social justice in Jaffa. The drawings document the daily life in the camp as well as demonstrations in the country, from the children’s viewpoint. The project was created during the autumn and winter of 2011-2012 , during the weeks preceding the demolition of the Jaffa tent camp, the last one to remain in Tel Aviv. Gaia (11) and Hassan (13) are children of the two last families who stayed in the tent camp, in which they had been living for 8 months, from lack of choice. Both families are still homeless. The drawings depict the happenings and daily life in the tent camp: constructing the tents, playing games, cooking, preparing homework, the demonstrations in the area, a visit to the comic museum as a source of inspiration, until the painful demolition. The works were created based on pencil drawings made by the children, which were then digitally manipulated with photographs, made by me. It was exhibited in several galleries in Israel, at the 2nd International Photography exhibition in Jaffa Harbour, The Space for Engaged Art – Oranim Academy of Education, and at the Sport and Youth Museum in Cologne, Germany (2013).

For a film about the project please see:

For more works from the series please see:

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