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Secret Service

The artist’s service was to reveal a state secret, neighbourhood secret, and a street secret.

In front of the visitor was a panel with three “Please do not disturb” door signs (wood and clay) imprinted with 3 different keys. From a black box full of sand, they dug up a key that matched one of the signs. Taken off the panel “door handle” and turned around, an image was exposed. The images gave clues to three different stories:  The story of the first treasury minister, in the first Iraqi parliament, Sir Sassoon Eskell and the secret of the harsh measures taken by the Israeli government to push the Iraqi Jews into immigrating to Israel; the story of Maram, a Palestinian teenager and her grandmother’s destroyed house in Manshiya ( a big neighbourhood that flourished in the 30’s between Jaffa and Tel Aviv and destroyed after the 1948 war); and the story of the Brixton Synagogue that was built in 1913, sold in 1984, and since there functioned  as business centre with no sign of its previous use .

In turn, the visitors shared their own knowledge, personal experiences and feeling towards the secret that was revealed. One visitor talked emotionally about the discrimination and bullying he suffered as an Arab-Jew in a Jewish school with a majority of European-Jews. Many where surprised that the first treasury minster of Iraq, and a few parliament members, were Jews. A few mentioned the clear gap in Tel Aviv- Jaffa urban fabric, but didn’t know that there used to be a neighbourhood with 10,000 people there.  Someone else said that she learned about it from the work of zochrot. One visitor mentioned that her sister got married in the Brixton Synagogue, and a discussion was held with other about the desire to put a sign on the building that would inform people about its history.

More secretes will be revealed in further services.

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