No Man’s Land – Yoari (2017)

A series of photography and digital collages of young men in a limbo due to social and political situations.

Yoari – 2017 Photography

The work is a second in a series which depicts young man in displaced or “in-between” situations (first series “Sammer” is presented below). I met Yoari in dunes of an Island of the coast of Africa. His origins can be traced to that continent but he grew up in other Island that was colonised by the Spanish, English, and than by France, which still possessed. Yaori is still displaced. Due to his sexuality, and other cultural and economic reasons he found himself stranded on another Island which he cannot leave. While hearing his story in my mind I heard the pomes of Constantine Cavafy.

While the work generated by a very personal story, its depicts issues that has been the centre of my work in the past few years: colonialism and its affects, migration and refugees, and cultural diversity. The art practice which I used here, as well in much of my photography work, is socially engaged. The work comes about from an encounter and a dialogue, sometime of a day in other case of years.

To reflect the process such work entails, and to created a work with more open ends, I often, as in this case, used heavy processing or digital collage that add layers of meaning and open the work for multiplicity of interpretations.

p.s. the original photos, before processing, was given to Yaori who might used it to gain a job as a model.