No Man’s Land – Sammer (2016)

A series of photography and digital collages of young men in a limbo due to social and political situations.


Sammer – 2016 (Photography & Digital Collage)

Inspired by the Russian Constructivists aesthetics, especially Alexander Rodchenko and El Lissitzky, for some time I wanted to create in their style posters depicting the Palestinian struggle. I was looking to photograph a Palestinian parkourist as the base for the work. I met Sammer Hazan on a facebook group page which is dedicated to this subject. Traveling from London, I met him in Acar, he lives in a village near by. We spend a day taking photos in various locations and chatting about his life and mine. A few months later I created this series of collages. Stripped for particular location, Sammer is suspended in mid air. In a limbo. Like his life: Palestinian that lives in Israel, a Christian in a majority of Muslims in a Jewish state, a parkourist with a delivery man day job, engaged bur for economic reasons cannot get married yet. I sent Sammer the photos I took of him. He was not looking for deep symbolism but hopped they might help him to get a job as a stuntman.