Architecture For Humanity “(UN) RESTRICTED ACCESS…” (2012).

A Research and an architectural proposal for transforming Beit Dagan abandoned military camp into a Palestinian Visitor Centre – a submission to Architecture For Humanity “(UN) RESTRICTED ACCESS – From military space to civic space” (2012).

The research and the proposal was conducted together with Zochrot organization and Architect Amnon Bar Or. and Jaffa’s Youth Debbka Dance Group.

The project documented the abandoned military army base in Beit Dagan that includes remains of Bayt Dajan town destroyed by Israel at the Nakba (1948 war). The proposal is to turn it into a pedagogical and visitors’ center for Palestinian refugees and Israelis who could learn about the country and the prospects of return.
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In the picture is one of the panels, and a leaflet invitation to join the center.