“Architecture and Urban Cultures” for primary or secondary school children



Short description of the study programme “Architecture and Urban Cultures” for primary or secondary school children (age 10-16)

“For children are particularly fond of haunting any site where things are being visibly worked on. They are irresistibly drawn by the detritus generated by building, gardening, housework, tailoring, or carpentry. In waste products they recognize the face that the world of things turns directly and solely to them. In using these things, they do not so much imitate the works of adults as bring together, in the artifact produced in play, materials of widely differing kinds in a new, intuitive relationship. Children thus produce their own small world of things within the greater one” Walter Benjamin,  One Way Street

“Architecture and Urban Cultures” is the only education programme that teaches the recent history of the built environment of Israel and that was approved by the Israeli Education Ministry in 2011. Since then it was adopted by TLV municipality Dep. Of Education and has been taught in ten schools.

Issues: The programme concentrates on the main architectural styles of the past 100 years in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Some emphasis is put on social and environmental issues within the context of the built environment and urban living. It can also include an organised study trip to Israel.

Methods: The programme is based on the study, development and adaptation of several of the UK’s CABE programmes for teaching architecture in primary and secondary schools. It includes a series of short lectures, games, and creative workshops (which include drawing, photography, architectural model making, and using computer graphic editing programs etc.).

For a PDF version please click here:   architecture and urban culturesTLV-London 2014

architecture and urban culturesTLV-London 2014