“I wish I was there…” A project with students at the Technological High school Na’amat, Jaffa

Teacher: “Where would you like to be instead in the class?”

Student:  “At home”

Teacher: “Just home? Not in a more exciting place?”

Student: “Yes, where can I go?”

Teacher: “And if you won the lottery and will have to spend it on a trip, where would you go?”

Student: “I don’t know”

That was more or less the conversation between the students and me at the beginning of the workshop. Living in poverty, both economic and cultural, curtails the imagination. It took my own personal confessions, stories about places I had been, watching with them films and having personal conversations to bring them out from a numb and dreary place and open the door to other places. They started to tell stories about the places from which their parents migrated, places they had seen in films and places in their dreams. They then used pencils, pens, chalk and acrylic to portray the places they would like to be in. Some of the work then was lightly edited in Photoshop. Their finished works were printed on postcards and sent to the National Students’ Exhibition. These were postcards from a possible future, where the students would like to be. The project was exhibited at a conference for art education at Oranim Academic College of Education (2013).