A gini in a bottle (Re-distribution Station Intervention, Tel-Aviv, Zion Sq. 2013)


Re-distribution Station Street Performance, First part  of “The Land of Milk & Destitution” (2013)

Concept: Gil Mualem Doron. Doll rugs and photography: Neta Amir

Zion Sq., Rochaild Bulevards, Tel-Aviv, Isarel 2013

A short clip from the urban intervention:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNDIVLb0Wpw

For sale:  Genie in a Bottle (30x7cm, Mix Media, Framed or in an acrylic box, limited edition of 99)

The focus of this intervention was the distribution of 33 Molotov Cocktail bottles in the heart of Tel Aviv. The Molotov Cocktails bottles were composed of 33 milk bottles that were transformed into what could be used as Molotov Cocktail. The generic detonator rug, created from the used floor, was fashioned into the shape of demons. The bottles were filled with Arak (a middle eastern / Turkish spirit).

The work commented on the social-political situation in Israel, where scaremongering and security threats caused by the occupation are used by the regime to instill extreme inequalities. The project recalled the actions taken in the 70’s by the Arab-Jewish Israeli group “the Black Punters” who fought against racism, and discrimination of Jews of Arab countries descended from European Jews. This discrimination was portrayed by the white-Jews dominated media and socio-political elite as a myth, and as a “genie in a bottle” that should be opened and discussed.

The Genie bottles were offered in a street sale in exchange for gas masks (which were distributed by the government at that time) or for the market price of these masks. The performance took place at the heart of Tel Aviv, in Zion Sq. privately owned by the adjusted Zion insurance company tower.

During the performance the security guard of Zion company called the police and only an intervention by the celebrated curator, Moran Shoub, prevented the confiscation of the work and the artist’s arrest.