The fish’s movie house presents: “The Little Mermaid Isn’t Silence Any more”

Ha’riviera Gallery, Bat Yam Israel

Artist: Gil Mualem Doron ‎ Curators: Adi Yekutiel

A large street advertisement for the Artists Colony was broken in half creating a makeshift tent, and than painted with slogans of the movement for social justice. A film that documents the first protest march of the local protest camp was screened on the other side of the tent. The film screening was directed to face tens of goldfish which were part of an installation by the renown Israeli Artist Menashe Kadishman. In the background a white wall was left empty, apart from the request “Please write slogans for Bat Yam’s protest camp. They will be chanted by the camp’s residents in the coming 1 million demo”.


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