Community Architecture Studio (CAS) 2009-2013

Community Architecture Studio (CAS) was established in 2009 with the aim of connecting everyday life, social and political matters to the academic curriculum of architecture and design studies and to produce critical and real products (vis a via theoretical or conceptual ones) .

The studio has worked in the Jewish-Arab mixed city of Jaffa and in Jessy Cohen – a deprived immigrant neighbourhood in the city of Holon (a medium size city south of Tel Aviv) and together with the communities who live in these sites. The studio was a continuation of Transgressive Architecture Studio that was working in several U.K. universities previously. While the TA Studio worked with or for ephemeral communities, the CAS concentrated on residential communities. While the studio worked within the architecture and interior architecture department, it used interdisciplinary methods taken from anthropology, and the arts. Parallel to the CAS studio, a new art and architecture program has been written and delivered in primary schools within the neighborhoods that the studio has worked in. The program “Architecture & Urban Cultures” introduced Year 6 to 8 pupils to the subject of the built environment in a critical and engaged way. In several instances, collaborations took place between the students of the CAS studio and pupils from the schools.


Short film about the studio work: